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Charge multiple devices at maximum speed. ECLIPSE CHARGER Marble Edition is a 3-port USB charging station featuring Smart IC technology, ensuring safe, high-speed charging up to 7.8Amps to your mobile devices. Made of genuine marble and aircraft-grade aluminum, ECLIPSE CHARGER Marble Edition complements your devices and your interiors.


How do I set up ECLIPSE CHARGER?

Setting up ECLIPSE CHARGER is easy! Check out our set-up video.

How do I wind and unwind cables with ECLIPSE CHARGER?

Cables are wound in and out of ECLIPSE manually. Have you ever wrapped your headphones around your iPod or phone? Wrapping cables back into ECLIPSE is a very similar and familiar motion.

We had quite a few discussions in the initial design phases about adding a spring-loaded rolling/unrolling mechanism, but those components are unreliable and often break, leaving you with a useless product. We want everyone to be able to use ECLIPSE for as long as possible!

Can I close ECLIPSE CHARGER while cables are out?

Yes! There is a small gap between the base and the top allowing for charging cables to be out while ECLIPSE CHARGER is closed.

How long is ECLIPSE CHARGER's power cable?

ECLIPSE CHARGER has a 1.8 meter power cable with an integrated leather belt to wrap up any extra length.

How do ECLIPSE CHARGER touch actions work?

Using a capacitive touch sensor, ECLIPSE CHARGER reacts to gentle taps in the center of the top plate. A single-tap will turn ECLIPSE CHARGER's "halo" (the LED ring at the bottom) on or off, and a double-tap will open or close the cable-management structure.

Can ECLIPSE CHARGER power my USB-C Laptop?

Although not specifically designed for charging USB-C-powered laptops, ECLIPSE CHARGER will be able to give a full 15W to a USB-C-powered computer.

For a 29W MacBook 12", for example, this means that it would charge at about half the speed compared to a 29W charger. That's fine if you're charging overnight, or constantly plugged in while you work, but in terms of a power source for a high-wattage device like a USB-C computer while it's in heavy use, ECLIPSE CHARGER wasn't designed for that - it was designed for neat and tangle-free charging for everyday devices like your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, action camera, etc. Please be sure to check the wattage of your USB-C computer's charger to determine if ECLIPSE CHARGER is right for your computer and usage.

What is ECLIPSE CHARGER's voltage?

All ECLIPSE CHARGERs are 110-240V, meaning you can use them around the world with the correct plug type or international power adapter.

Is ECLIPSE CHARGER a wireless charging station?

ECLIPSE CHARGER is not a wireless charging station. However, it can power wireless charging pads that are USB-A or USB-C powered. Its flat top is the perfect support for any charging mat.

Does ECLIPSE CHARGER support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

ECLIPSE CHARGER does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. ECLIPSE CHARGER charges devices via USB-A at 2.4A x 5V (12Watts), and via USB-C at 3A x 5V (15 Watts). Supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge would require voltage over 5V. At 12-15 Watts, you're still charging fast compared to most power sources included with new devices!

Is ECLIPSE CHARGER Certified for safety?

ECLIPSE CHARGER is fully certified for safety. For more information, please visit the ECLIPSE Safety Page.

Does the Apple Watch charging puck fit inside ECLIPSE CHARGER's cable management structure?

ECLIPSE CHARGER is compatible with the Apple Watch charging puck, but the puck itself will not fit inside the ECLIPSE CHARGER unit. That being said, you can leave just a few inches of cable out and leave the charging puck next to ECLIPSE CHARGER, or on top of the unit with the cable management structure closed. It makes for a nice docking station!

What can I expect from the marble finish?

ECLIPSE CHARGER Marble Editon is made from the highest quality white marble or black marble. Marble is a natural stone formed over thousands of years. Each slice has unique and intricate veins, so the finish will vary for every ECLIPSE CHARGER Marble Edition.

How do I clean the marble top?

Remove the marble top to ensure no liquid makes its way into the base. Although a solid natural stone, marble is, in comparison to other stones, quite soft and porous. As such, care should be taken to keep your marble looking its best. To clean your marble, use warm water, a soft cloth, and a mild soap such as washing-up liquid. Never use anything acidic or abrasive to clean your marble, including natural solutions vinegar or lemon, which will dull the surface of the marble. Apply marble polish, available from hardware stores, on a regular basis to maintain the stone’s luster.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We’re proud to say that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy our great products without hurting the planet.

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